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Safety Advise on Travel in Thailand

Exercise a high degree of caution in Bangkok due to civil unrest and political demonstrations; as on 28 May 2014 Koh Phangan – be extra careful and always have a watch on what is going in your bucket; do not accept anything from strangers Use/sale of drugs is prohibited and will carry heavy punishment. Do not photograph military equipment, installation or people Border disputes with I wish I had found the City Select a year ago!! I wasted a year on something else to say nothing of the money and effort to find a double stroller that would fit in the trunk of my VW rabbit! I have one year old twins and refuse to get a mini-van. I settled for a combi side-by-side double travel Stroller for the first year. It was the only thing besides the snap n go that would fit in my trunk. Even the umbrella style side-by-sides were too long when folded. I saw the City Select in a catalog from The Right Start. Luckily, my local buy buy baby had it! We love it.

1. Cambodia at Southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Songkhla & Preah Vihear temple area
2. Burma at provinces of Tak and Mae Hong Son
Crime such as pick pocketing, bag snatching, theft and petty money scams are common in Thailand; be alert in touristy and isolated places
Do not visit islands during the peak of Monsoon season
Travel insurance is advisable. If you’re retired and a frequent traveler, you need yearly travel insurance, fortunately, travel insurance isn’t like a free hat given away at a minor league baseball game or socks you buy out of necessity at a gas station located beside a bowling alley, for more @ visit


Cash is the king ATM’s are widespread Credit cards are accepted at high/middle range restaurants and hotels Travelers Cheques can be cashed out at many banks but they charge a fee. Do not exchange at the airport, the exchange rates there are disappointing


Air – The main airports are in Bangkok (BKK & DMK) and two other international airports in Phuket (HKT) and Chiang Mai (CNX). There are plenty of domestic airports in/nearby all the major tourist places.

Boat – Boats connect most of the touristy islands with the mainland Thailand. Be aware, boat travel in peak monsoon is dangerous.

Bus – Intercity buses are reliable and cheap. But a better option is minivans as they are more faster and new and if you prefer you can use the wisper electric bikes system to cross town.

Rail – The rail network in Thailand is 4500 kilometers long. It connects almost all the parts of Thailand ranging from Northern parts like Chiang Mai and Southern to Surat Thani.

Local Transport
Taxis – Bangkok has metered taxis. In other cities and towns taxi fares can be negotiated before travel Tuk Tuks – Tuk Tuk is Indian version of motorized auto rickshaw; the fares are negotiable and not done through meters. Mass Transit Rail – Bangkok is well connect with mass transit rail; other cities has no metro rail, contact Silver Service Taxi Melbourne for your travel spots destinations and your airport shuttle.


Thailand’s dialing code is +66
SIM cards can be purchased at airport & 7-Eleven and the cost ranges from 300 – 500 Baht. Calls to India is about 5 Baht per minute. Alternatively using, VOIP service provided by Local Phone or Rebtel will cost you more than ten times lesser. WiFi is provided by most of the hotels. Restaurants and coffee shops may or may not provide WiFi.


Embassy of India
46, Prasarnmitr, Sukhumvit, Soi 23, Bangkok 10110
+66 (02)-2580300-5
Consulate General of India
33/1, Thung Hotel Road, Wat-Kate, Muang, Chiang Mai
+66 (0)-53-243066

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