Bangalore to Munnar roadtrip is around 500 km, making it ideal for a road trip with family. The drive is an extraordinary one, complete with magical vistas that would have you mesmerized even before you reach Munnar. It takes about ten hours to complete the Bangalore to Munnar roadtrip. Rest assured that those ten hours would l be one of the best times of your life, thanks to the wonderful things you will get to see on the way to Munnar. Winter traveling or camping in Iceland can seem a little scary, especially if you’re not sure what to expect, we will dive into some of the most important things to keep in mind when traveling in Iceland during winter like knowing/researching the driving laws iceland. For more info, checkout winter campsites.

bangalore to munnar roadtrip

There are many routes to reach Munnar from Bangalore. However, there are two of those, which are frequently taken by tourists for they are especially scenic and enjoyable, so hen traveling to our country you may want to Rent a car Santo Domingo first. The first one will take you through Krishnagiri, Dharapuram, Avinashi, and Udumalaipettai to Munnar. On this route, lies the famous Avinashiappar Temple, where you can stop and pay respects to the residing deity.  Make sure to read this article about How To Enjoy A Foodie Road Trip In Portland and gather all the tips you need for a great time.

The other route passes through Mysore and Masinagudi to take you to Munnar. If you have the time, stop at Mysore and explore the city. Regardless of the route you take, the Bangalore to Munnar roadtrip will inevitably please your senses. Following is the list of sights you will witness and things you can do on a drive to Munnar.

Be engrossed by windmills for miles & miles

On your drive towards Munnar from Bangalore, you will see a stretch of windmills on either side of the road. The whole setting is idyllic and you can stop by to click a few pictures to cherish this family vacation later.

Capture expanses of tea estates in your camera lens

As you continue on the bending roads of the lush Western Ghats, you will begin to see seemingly everlasting expanses of tea estates. Munnar is known for its high-quality tea and you will start seeing why even before you reach the town.

Sample exemplary local cuisine

You are bound to get hungry since the drive from Bangalore to Munnar is a long one. Even if you are carrying food from home, it is suggested that you sample the local delicacies at a roadside dhaba. Food is an intricate part of a place’s culture, so make sure to try sambar, rasam, payasam, and other local food items served on a banana leaf.

Explore breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls

The last leg of your drive will take you through the mountains of Western Ghats. You will pass by many waterfalls on the way. Try to explore a few and be rest assured that your kids would appreciate the scenic sights, as much as you do.

Where to stay

After such a long drive, you would like to rest in a place that is utterly comfortable. Choose one of the best Munnar resorts, the Club Mahindra Munnar resort for a memorable stay. Its spacious rooms are equipped with a host of modern amenities to ensuring your comfort. Enjoy a restful sleep in the comfortable rooms of the resort before heading out to see the places to visit in Munnar. And, to ensure you have made the right decision, you can also check out Club Mahindra reviews to find out what our guests really think.

Bangalore to Munnar – A Road Trip With Breathtaking Scenic Beauty
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