Singapore’s Universal Studios theme park is one of the most popular attractions in all of Asia. Open since March 2011 – although the grand opening wasn’t until May 2012 – the park has attracted millions of visitors from across the world, and it is established as a definite ‘must see’ location for anyone travelling around South East Asia, whether is in train, bus with Coal River Coaches which are an affordable solution.

About the Park

The park is split into several zones, among them are zones named Hollywood and New York City, which are based on the locations they are named after, while Far Far Away is based on the setting of the hit Shrek film series.

Other zones at the park are Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, and Madagascar. The Hollywood and New York zones only have one ride between them, and are predominantly filled with retail outlets and food and drink facilities. To experience the best rides in Universal Studios Singapore, you need to look further.

Here are the best rides across the park.

Transformers : The Ride
This ride is based on the famous ‘The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man’ that can be found in Universal resorts across Japan. It is a spectacular 4D experience that uses wrap around screens and a range of effects, including water spray, fog, and wind, and is suitable for young children as well as adults. After proving successful in Singapore, this ride would later be opened at the Universal Studios Hollywood resort. You’ll find this ride in Sci-Fi City.

Revenge of the Mummy : The Ride
If you’re someone who loves frightening rides and isn’t afraid of taking on the unexpected, then this roller coaster is definitely something you should be queuing up for as soon as you arrive at the resort. Found in the Ancient Egypt section, the building where this ride is housed is only partially lit, and it is notorious for being extremely fast and for having many sharp and aggressive twists and turns.

If you head to The Lost World you’ll find another brilliant children’s ride in Dino-Saurin’. This is simply your traditional ‘flying cars’ type ride, although the cars are in fact pterodactyls and the riders can adjust the height to feel like they’re really flying each bird.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure
A theme park isn’t really worthy of the name unless it has a water rapids ride for the whole family to enjoy. What makes this ride memorable isn’t even the potential of a soaking, but the frighteningly realistic animatronic dinosaurs that will ‘attack’ you as you make your way through the rapids.

Madagascar : A Crate Adventure
We’ll finish by looking at yet another water ride, which contains state of the art technology throughout and the voices of your favorite characters from the Madagascar movie series. This is more of your traditional water boat ride than the Jurassic Park alternative, but is equally as fun and exciting.

If you’re heading to Universal Studios Singapore, ensure these rides are high on your ‘must do’ list so you experience the best of this brilliant attraction.

The Best Rides in Universal Studios Singapore

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