There is something wrong with you very deep down inside if you do not like a Ferris wheel. From a kid of 6 to an old man of 80, you ought to love a giant wheel. I find it perfectly natural and normal and in fact obvious, to squeak like a child at the sight of a Ferris wheel.

Talking about the giant, giant wheels, we can dare not not talk about the Singapore Flyer. Just five years old, this phenomenal Ferris wheel is a must visit for every tourist. The Singapore flyer is located on the Marina Center.

Here are 30 reasons, why you are bound to love it and why a ride in the Singapore Flyer is worth every penny-

1. It is an example of sheer human excellence and intelligence- the structure and architecture have had many engineering breakthroughs.

2. For the view it offers- You can never get a better view of the Sun City

3. Because it is a giant wheel- That’s a valid enough reason to love it!

4. Because of the design- It’s gorgeous and brilliant. It brings together the best of science and aesthetics.

5. Because of the luxury- The capsule itself and the food court and shopping area are brilliant.

6. Because it’s the tallest Ferris wheel in the world- you shouldn’t even need another reason!

7. It is great at any time of the day- of course, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous at night but during the day too it’s dazzling.

8. You get to see three countries at once- You see Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia- that’s incredible!

9. You do not even need a reason to love it, you just love it

10. Its 30 minutes of pure awesomeness

11. You get to observe the Marina Bay from a spectacular view

12. You can access it by stairs, elevators, and wheelchairs

13. The ride is really, really smooth. The capsules are designed in a way to take best care of your comfort.

14. You get a mind-blowing 360-degree view of one of the best cities in the world

15. The view of the F1 track from up there is stupendous

16. While going to the capsules, you go through the magnificent interactive tunnel exhibiting photos of famous visitors

17. Excellent bars and restaurants just two levels below the Flyer

18. The capsules are air-conditioned

19. If you go between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., you get to see the most scintillating and sensational view of the Singapore sky line

20. It’s easy to get to from anywhere in the city

21. Normally, you are never stuck in a ticketing line

22. You get flyers for all the information about the Flyer

23. You feel you’re floating in the air- again the design is so brilliant that you feel air borne

24. The design is very simple, yet one of the most intelligent ones.

25. The design of the entire Flyer is in harmony with Feng Shui

26. You are absolutely comfortable even under the nasty high winds of Singapore

27. You have UV protected glasses of the capsule

28. The height goes up to a whooping 165 meters

29. It’s not your regular triangular truss Ferris wheel configuration

30. It’s better than the London Eye

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30 Reasons Why a Ride in Singapore Flyer Is Worth Every Penny

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