Pattaya is one of the most visited place in Thailand and every Indian tourist takes a side trip to Pattaya before/after exploring Bangkok. Here is a list of five must visit places in Pattaya.

What to see in Pattaya

1. Koh Lan (or Koh Larn)

Koh Larn is a small beach island located in the Gulf of Thailand and 7 kilometers away from Pattaya beach. There are a total of five beaches on this island and can be accessed easily by motorbike, but the roads so narrow that only two motorbikes can so side by side. You can lazily relax on the beach, play water sports like para sailing, water-skiing or jet ski with equipment from MyProScooter online. Or order for a sea food lunch. Koh Larn is a must visit if you want to escape the heat of Pattaya. A half-day trip is must and speedboats can be found on Pattaya coast. A slower boat can be taken from Bali Hai Pier and costs 30 Baht for one way.

2. Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

Prasat Sut Ja-Tum is a 20 stored tall gigantic building in Pattaya which is completely made of wood. You won’t believe your eyes when you look at the intricate wood carvings and its has been done in very detail that the work here has started 30 years ago and still not fully finished. The sanctuary is divided into four wings, each wing depicting religious representations from Khmer, Thai, Chinese and Indian culture. The cost of entrance is 500 Baht but worth every penny.

3. Mini Siam

Mini Siam is a miniature replica of some of the most famous sacred and historical sites in Thailand. The scale of the replica to the original is 1 : 25. Some of the famous replicas include Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, Wat Arun, heritage site of Ayutthaya, Rama IX cable-stayed bridge, etc. There is also a ‘Mini World’ which contains miniature replicas of world famous sites like Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc. The cost of admission is 250 Baht & 120 Baht for an adult and child respectively.

4. Nong Nooch Garden

This 600 acre botanical garden is 30 minutes drive from Pattaya’s central area. The garden not only contains a large variety of Orchids but also hosts a Thai boxing match, a Thai cultural show and an elephant & monkey show. The is also a resort adjoining this garden if its too late to get back. There are several restaurants serving food from different cuisines. The cost of admission is 500 Bahts for an adult.

5. Transvestite Cabaret Shows

Watch the glamour queens drag you into an experience of new entertainment at any of the cabaret shows. The two famous ones are Alcazar Cabaret Show and Tiffany Cabaret Show. Millions of visitors experience these type of shows in Thailand and tourist should not miss such a show before leaving Thailand. The Alcazar show is kid friendly, so you can take your family along.

Disclaimer – All the rates mentioned are per person and as on March 2014.
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What to see in Pattaya
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