India and Hong Kong(HKK) are well connected on flights. There are direct daily flights leaving from the six major cities and a whole lot of connecting flights from all the well established 2nd tier cities.

Flight Connections to-from India and Hong Kong-2

Direct flight connections to/from India and Hong Kong
  • Bangalore(BLR) – Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air
  • Chennai(MAA) – Cathay Pacific
  • Delhi(DEL) – Air India, Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways
  • Hyderabad(HYD) – Cathay Pacific
  • Mumbai(BOM) – Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways
  • Kolkata(CCU) – Dragon Air


Flying to Hong Kong via a transit
  • Singapore Airlines which connects Singapore(SIN) and Hong Kong on a daily basis multiple times, has direct connections from Ahmadabad(AMD), Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore(CJB), Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi(COK), Kolkata, Mumbai, Thiruvanthapuram(TRV) & Vishakhapatnam(VTZ) to Singapore.
  • Thai Airways has direct connections from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gaya(GAY), Kolkata & Vanarasi(VNS) to Bangkok(BKK). Thai Airways connects Bangkok and Hong Kong multiple times a day.
  • Malaysia Airlines has daily frequent connections from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong. Malaysia Airlines operates flights in India from Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kochi & Mumbai.


Using Low Cost Carrier to fly to/from India to Hong Kong

Using budget airlines can save you a lot of money, but compromises have to be made on baggage and food provided to you. Also, the tickets have to be booked separately for each leg of the journey. Here is a easy way to fly to/from India on budget airlines which may include one or two stops.

  • Thai Air Asia – There is an Air Asia flight from Chennai to Bangkok. From Bangkok, Air Asia has very frequent connections to Hong Kong. Remember that Air Asia uses Don Muang Airport(DMK) and not Suvarnabhumi International Airport(BKK). A Thailand visa is required for this journey, but a Thailand visa on arrival (cost is 1000 Thai Baht) is available  for Indian passport holders at Don Muang Airport.
  • Air Asia Malaysia – Air Asia connects Kuala Lumpur to/from Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Tiruchirapalli(TRZ). Air Asia has atleast four flights everyday between KUL – HKK. In Kuala Lumpur, Air Asia uses the Low Cost Carrier terminal (from May 0r June 2014, Air Asia will use KLIA 2) and a Malaysia visa is required for this journey. Malaysia visas are not available on arrival for Indian passport holders.
  • Tiger Airways – You can use Tiger Airways either from Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram & Tiruchirapalli to fly to Hong Kong via Singapore using Tiger connect facility at Singapore’s Changi International Airport. A Singapore visa is not required for this journey. The boarding pass for the second leg is issued in the transit area in Changi Airport.
  • IndiGo has flights from Delhi & Kolkata to Bangkok. From Bangkok, Hong Kong is connected by Thai Air Asia and City Airways. Remember, Bangkok has two airports, so the flights might arrive/depart from different airports. Check before you travel.


Flights between India and Hong Kong are cheaper online than at the travel agents and official airline office. From my experience, the best website to book flights online are Yatra (for individual bookings) and Expedia (for group bookings). The code mentioned within ( ) is the IATA code of the airport in the respective city.

Disclaimer – All the information provided above are as on May 2014. The airlines might have cancelled few routes and added new ones by time.

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Flight Connections to/from India and Hong Kong

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