Kinnaur in Himachal which is otherwise called the Land of Fairy Tales has wonderful scenery. The place is a dazzling setting with many snow clad mountains, rich green valleys, quick streaming waterways, ready plantations and numerous vineyards. Kinnaur in Himachal is arranged along the fringe of the Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh and Tibet. Kinnaur has a remarkable similarity to the Tibetan culture and the living style of the general population mirrors the same. 

kinnaur in himachal

Trekking destination

The two basic valleys specifically Sangla valley and the Hangrang Valley highlight the magnificence of the district. And, this is what makes it a much-loved trekking destination. Kinnaur Kailash is an extremely large peak that rules all aspects of Kinnaur life. Kalpa, Batesari, Chitkul are some of the delightful towns that are viewed as the worthy visit.

Nature’s glory

Like Mussoorie, Kinnaur has different types of greenery. The people here are overall different and the culture of the region is also different from the culture followed by the other people of Himachal Pradesh. During Kinnaur visit you will come to know about all the tranquility and peace. Sangla Valley has various plantations and orchards though Hangrang Valley has a natural rich green surrounding.


The spouting rivers of Kinnaur in Himachal have large amounts of Trout-the fisherman’s prize catch; their waters have throughout the centuries carved excellent gorges over this beautiful land and continued the most extraordinary societies on their banks. In the lavish land live the descendants of the Kinnaurs-the demi lords of the Hindu pantheon, whose deeds have been blessed in stories and the lyrics of ancient Sanskrit writers. It is no big surprise that a local traditional culture keeps up that Kinnaur with all its beauty fell from the clouds as a blessing from the divine Gods.

Nako Lake

Nako is a little and lovely village that is located at a distance of around 2 km from the Hangrang Valley. Nako Lake is considered as the main fascination of the district, which stays covered with snow throughout the year. This is certainly a beautiful place to visit during your Kinnaur visit.


It is additionally called Koshtampi. It is little below Kalpa legitimate and it is overshadowed by Kinnaur Kailash crest. Goddess ‘Shuwang Chandika’ temple is famous in the town. The town with its attractive temple, thoughtful willows, green fields, food trees makes an altogether an elegant landscape.


Located on the right bank of the Spiti River. It is the base camp of sub-tehsil Hangrang in Pooh sub-division. There is a temple of ‘Jamato’ is worthy to visit.

Moorang in Kinnaur

Located at a height of 3591m above ocean level, Moorang is well known for its dynamite view and plantations of apricot. The town has an old fortress in which there is a couple of temples committed to various goddesses.  Find peace in Moorang during your Kinnaur visit.


Situated at an elevation of 3200 to 5486m above ocean level, Rakchham-Chhitkul Temple is home to the various collection of greenery. Different types of creatures like the snow leopard, blue sheep, Himalayan Mountain bear, musk deer, and goral are found in the district.

Pooh in Kinnaur

Pooh is called as ‘Spuwa’ is renowned for the apricot, almond, and plantations of grapes. Situated at a distance of around 58km from Powari on the National Highway, the rich greenery of the region can attract people throughout this region.

Why Is Kinnaur In Himachal So Important To Add In Your “To Go Places”

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