The post-COVID 19 universe is going to be very different when compared to the Current world. A lot of things are and will continue to be different for a foreseeable future. Corona virus has encapsulated our life in a way that is unknown and not understandable to our generation. We have seen nothing like this before. many things did not happen the right way during this time, including migrants issue, loss of jobs, homelessness and more. The travel industry is certainly one of those which will be most affected. Here’s how the travel industry will change to adapt to new scenarios and travellers will respond to it.One thing is clear that tourist will only travel where their health will not get affected,They can have plans with Scottish tours as it will be more secure.

How lockdown will affect the travel industry

Job Loss
One of the biggest changes to the travel industry is the fear that there are going to be many job losses. The travel industry is going to lose a lot of jobs and people related to tourism. If you are not travelling, not just the people in the transport industry, but also the hotels and inns and travel locations will not be able to afford salaries for their staff. This certainly will be difficult for millions of families. This does also affect the freelance travellers that have focused on travel as their main source of revenue to give you a taste of the world.

Difficulty in Connectivity
Even as the lockdown is lifted, it is going to be difficult to connect from one place to another. Many places are opening up, however, not enough places have opened. Some places will continue to be difficult to reach. If you consider flights, trains or cabs or entry points, different states have different opinions for who and how many can enter, especially in India. Additionally, the international gates are not open and for good reasons because of the fear of further spread of viruses. How we handle the connectivity will be phased and that will be how places will open up to allow tourists.

Increased Fear of Crowds
Fear of crowds is a real thing. When people get together, even one person in the group that is infected can infect the rest of the crowd. This includes all kinds of trips. People can be afraid to go out and stand alongside strangers, however, this can also include travelling trips with friends and family. People will increasingly become afraid of making plans with large groups even amongst known people. Given the data of asymptomatic cases coming out, people will tend to be worried about travelling in groups.

Exploration of places that are isolated
People will try to look for new places to explore where they are less exposed to other people, even after the travel industry opens up. People are the carriers of viruses and therefore the less you expose yourself to them the lesser the chances of you catching the virus. So, travellers in all likelihood will start looking for places that are least explored and which are far away from “famous” and “most visited” to make sure they are safe from the virus and still enjoy the time out which they much deserve.

Lesser plans to travel
Clearly, there are different kinds of lockdown and different plans in different states. Now states are making decisions on their own based on their situation. Therefore, there will be lesser plans to travel. Even when people plan to travel, it will be complicated to make decisions on where to travel. So travel enthusiasts will need to look at the different states and the rules in those states to try and travel. Therefore, it would be just easier to just stay home or travel within the states so that you can manage the travel plan based on the government rules.

Less clarity on plans
Plans are up in the air when it comes to the lockdown. Many people made travel plans before the lockdown was even announced. Now, many people are stranded either after travelling or waiting to travel. This leads to a lot of insecurity in terms of travel. It is very likely that people are afraid that different states or the centre will change their mind about the lockdown. Many people’s tickets which have been already booked as well are in uncertainty or have been cancelled without warning. Also, the refunds and credit shells are working on how much they should charge for cancellation in terms COVID times. So, more and more people might have a little less clarity on what plans they should make and if they should make one begin with.

Isolating certain places
Many places have been cornered out as red zones or as places that have many cases of COVID 19. These places will, therefore, for times to come disappear as places to travel to and will become no-go zones. The minute a place becomes risky to go to, travellers will avoid the place. So, clearly, in those areas, the travel industry will certainly be affected. This means certain places will be visited more than other places in the country, in the world, even if the airports open up. Certain places will take longer to recover from this COVID 19 as compared to other places. This could also be because of how the news report are about those places.

Finally, these are difficult times. They are surely not normal or regular times. However, they will change eventually and life will go back to normal. Even if it is a new normal. So, if you are being troubled by the travel bug and are stuck indoors because of the Coronavirus, know you might have to travel differently, but you will soon start to travel. There might be changes which you will have to make to the things you pack on your backpacks, but no virus will be able to stop you from seeing the world around you. So, pack your bags, things will get better soon and the wheels will start to turn.

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How this lockdown will affect the travel industry

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