Canada remains deeply steeped in the wilderness distinct to the regions close to the arctic circle of the Northern Hemisphere. The second largest country in terms of landmass, Canada is a surprising find for the outdoor enthusiasts. Here, you will find acres of land, uninhabited and teeming with gorgeous wildlife. The flora and fauna of Canada are of unique kind, having been evolved over centuries to fit the climatic demand of Canada’s unique weather condition.

Canada: A Destination for every Heritage and Nature Lover!

Human life flourished in Canada during recent history, and it increased as the European colonists set foot and brought along labourers from far off places. With the course of history, Canada was set to be one of the most powerful nations of the world, rich in nature’s abundance of resources. The country is also equipped with state of art infrastructure and modern industries.

Traveling to Canada for both leisure and holiday ensures a delightful experience, especially after the country has introduced an easy e-Visa system for citizens of the EU and Australia.

There are several unique factors about Canada that attracts the visitors. Despite the biting cold weather, Canada decks up in beautiful hue with change of every season, especially during fall! Besides, Canada is home to few of the gawking natural sites.

For example, the mighty Niagara falls. Canada and the USA straddle the friendly border with his massive cascading waterfall. Further up, Canada is home to astounding Banff national park. Rocky mountain ranges raise the peaks against the clouds and stand tall proudly. Their foothill is dotted with tranquil lakes. Picturesque cabins provide shelter to wanderlust tourists. At one hand, nature has showered Canada with an abundance of resources. On the other, Canada boasts of magnitude of man-made wonders and celebrations in style. Needless to say, Canada sits on the top of a traveler’s bucket list!

True to the tourism tagline of Canadian government, you can keep exploring the country and will not be tired in one lifetime! There is so much to explore from nature to city-life and culture!

Canada for the urban Traveler!

If you have a penchant for exploring well planned urban landscapes, Canada has all the answers to your queries. Metropolitan areas of diverse Toronto, festive Montreal, Francophile Quebec, postcard pretty Vancouver, British heritage port city of Victoria: these are just a handful of postcard pretty urban centres of Canada. Nightlife, shopping centers, art and museums: nuanced evidence of a chic lifestyle find a super cool way to thrive in Canada. If you’re planning on staying in Quebec for a while, be sure to check out

Tracing back the French in otherwise diverse Canada

There is a little bit of France aka Europe hidden at the heart of Canada, especially in Quebec and Ontario. Granted, this is a diverse nation and you will be astounded to find a plethora of Indian heritage as well, mostly brought in by the Sikh community and the beautiful Gurudwara. The diverse nation reflects its heritage and cultural assimilation through gastronomy, celebrations and festivals.

You have a whole new landscape with the change of the season

While the winters are bitter in Canada and the land is usually covered with a white blanket of thick snow, the summer is full of mirth and glory!

It is the summer when Canadian families indulge in the great scenic road trips to nature and partake in outdoorsy activities. And as the cold sets in and domestic tourists start to flee to the tropical gateways, it is time for the iconic skiing resorts of canada to open their gates for tourists. The closer you get to the Arctic circle, you have a chance to stay at the Igloo house, and rejoice under the starry night illuminated with the ethereal light of Aurora borealis.

The fall colors, especially in the woods of the Rocky Mountains are divine revelation. The maple leafs, which also appears on the flag of the country, comes alive in real life and covers the earth with the last bit of warmth before the winter advents. There is a new landscape to discover in the same place in Canada as the season clock ticks away.

Celebrating life in Canadian Style!

Canadians have truly mastered the art of partying. Take for example the exorbitant fireworks show at Vancouver, also renowned as Celebration of Light! It is the largest fireworks show in the world. Then comes Calgary stampede, Toronto International Film Festival, Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, Quebec winter carnival.

I am sure the footloose in your mind can not wait longer to soak in the inundating experiences that Canada has on offer! An easy application for Canada e-Visa online, that requires only a passport and a credit card to pay the CAD 7 processing fee and usually gets approved within minutes, the Canadian Rockies are truly just a fly away! The easy and affordable exchange rate of Canadian dollars against USD makes the entire experience a sweet deal!

Irresistible Reasons to Visit Canada at least once in a Lifetime!

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