Despite the small size of it as a country, England is packed with both beauty and diversity. With its breathtakingly beautiful country sides, spectacular beaches, stunning coastlines, pristine lakes and architectural wonder; England really does have it all. In case you need some inspiration or guidance, below are a few things you can do whilst traveling around England.

Hire a Canal Boat

Known to offer one of the prettiest journeys in England, why not embark on a holiday on one of England’s beautiful canals? Exploring the canals in England and cruising through them in luxurious boats, whilst enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and stopping off to visit historical sites every now and again is the perfect way for traveling around England in a leisurely and peaceful way, and if you’re lucky you can drive your own boat, although if you try this in countries like the US, they’re going to ask a license for this, but you can get it in sites like Some of the most popular canals in England are the Llangollen Canal, the Avon Ring, the Leeds-Liverpool canal and the South Pennine Ring.

Go to the Beaches in Norfolk

The non-metropolitan county of Norfolk in England is primarily known for its mesmerizing beaches. The seaside resorts located here offer a perfect gateway for family fun or for a couple wanting to go on a long walking holiday; the miles of unspoiled beaches offer themselves well to a coastal walk. Norfolk is known for having some of the best beaches in the UK and is a must-visit if you wish you go to the English Seaside, especially once it starts getting warmer.

Visit the Windsor Castle

Located in Windsor, Windsor Castle is royal residence and is the place where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married. Only around 10 minutes away from the Windsor and Eton Central Station, this castle is one of the finest places to visit in England. Located in a picturesque town, the view from the Round Tower of Windsor Castle is known to be breathtakingly beautiful and should not be missed out on.

Visit Southport

Be it spending some relaxing time taking a walk to the historic landmark of Southport Pier, or taking an evening stroll around the Kings Garden, Southport has various activities to offer and a number of cheap B&B’s to stay in. While the Formby beach here is known to be an ideal spot to chill and relax, the Atkinson theatre is popular for its rich history, literature, music, and art.

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More than 4000 years old, Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument that should be visited when traveling around England. Once you pay for the tickets at the Visitor Centre, the Stonehenge site is either only 5 minutes ride or around half an hour walk away, making it a lovely location for a family day out.

A Guide to Traveling Around England

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