If you are looking at working abroad, there are some incredible job opportunities across the world that not only will pay you but will also offer real adventure and unforgettable experiences. Below are some suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Work in a Private Household

Working in a private household as a nanny, a chef, a butler, a manager or a gardener can be an extremely rewarding experience. If you like to spend time with children, then working in a private household offers you plenty of job opportunities across the world. Families are often looking for not only a simple nanny but a person who can teach the kids educational things and motivate them. However, depending on the location of the private household, additional language skills may be required.

Work Conserving Marine Life in Hawaii

With both profit and non-profit organizations looking for marine life enthusiasts and volunteers, conserving marine life is the perfect thing to do in Hawaii. If you’re looking for a truly amazing career abroad, jobs that involve communicating with coastal communities and guests coming from all over the world, supervising works of the subordinates and watching over the marine life may be perfect for you!

Monitor Aurora Borealis –Track the Northern Lights

Have you always wished to visit the Arctic or the Antarctic regions? If so, a truly fascinating job that is advertised there is working as an Aurora Borealis monitor to search and track the Northern lights. The biggest benefit of opting for this incredible job opportunities across the world, is that you get to explore the Polar Regions, stay in the ice hotels and even sleep inside igloos. Love for adventure and cold weather are a must, along with solid background in science.

A Medical Elective – Work in a Foreign Hospital

If you have a medical degree and you’re interested in travelling to developing countries, then taking part in a medical elective may be a sensible thing to do. During your medical elective, you have to offer your healthcare services in a fast-paced hospital environment where facilities are lacking, and cleanliness is at a low. From treating tropical diseases, to encountering unfamiliar health conditions, this profession offers a lot of opportunities to grow as an experienced medical professional whilst you gain an insight into foreign medical practice.

Works as an Island Caretaker

Whilst it may seem unbelievable and like a dream job, it is possible to get paid for hiking, snorkelling and writing blogs about islands and rainforests as an island caretaker. This role is both wonderful and extremely rewarding. Along with companies in Queensland, Australia, various other companies from around the world look for nature enthusiasts who can watch over islands of abundant natural beauty.

Additional Tip

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Incredible Job Opportunities across the World

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