Studying abroad can expose you to new cultures, people, technologies, career opportunities, and languages. With so many options, it may be hard to choose a study destination abroad. When it comes to international student recruitment, recruiters will be keen to entice you to study at their university, and they will be keen to let you know about all the benefits their university provides. Here is a list of destinations which have excellent universities, and are also interesting places to live to gain that invaluable life experience

Studying Abroad


Japan has first-rate innovation due to its invincible educational systems. The country offers world-class education and this will make you precious in the job market. While you may face a serious financial blow from the expensive Japanese lifestyle, tuition fee exemptions for foreign students may help cushion the blow.

In addition to good education, you are assured of healthy living standards because the country is safe, offers top-notch healthcare which has a high life expectancy. By studying in Japan, you get to experience a new and fascinating culture, putting together modern technology, new cuisines, and traditions as well. With top economy and ranking top three in the world, you will be exposed to a wide array of opportunities by studying abroad in Japan. 


Life in China (barring Hong Kong and Macau) is generally cheaper than most European countries. Tuition fees are relatively low compared to the UK and US for example. What’s more, the government is striving to invest more in its education system while giving as many scholarships to international students. Statistics have shown that 40% of foreign students received sponsorship from the government in 2015.

Reputation for most Chinese universities has been escalating and studying in one of these universities will give you employment advantage for your future prospects. Studying abroad in China will give you firsthand experience in the Chinese culture and language which is among the top most spoken languages in the world. You also get the chance to travel and explore the most populated country around the globe. Take a look at these IELTS preparation courses you can add to your resume in the future.


Many Norwegian universities have a friendly culture and encourage student interactions. As a foreign student, you are exposed to a warm atmosphere where students are willing to help you blend in as well as share knowledge and learn together. Also, tuition fees in Norwegian universities are ridiculously low for both international and native students.

Best part yet, the government allows international students to work for up to 20 hours every week. This way, you will be able to financially support yourself while you study. To boot, Norway’s living standards are very high and it is among the safest countries in the world so, students don’t feel threatened while studying from there.

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France has yet one of the best education systems when compared to other study destinations like the UK and US. It has an outstanding academic reputation and the government happens to have invested highly in the education system. Also, it is easy to get a scholarship program even as a foreign student.

Tuition fees, however, vary depending on the institution, for instance, you will pay less in a public university and way more in a private university. Additionally, learning and being fluent in French will be a no-brainer because the language is frequently used in the country. Studying in France also exposes you to fascinating culture hubs like art, wine, and museums. There are plenty of quality golf courses in France, so you can go for a few holes and network with potential future business contacts.

Studying Abroad: Where Should You Go?

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