Going on holiday and exploring different cultures makes it possible to experience different cuisines with some of them being tastes you’ve never experienced before. Whether a foodie or not, you can follow our gastro holiday ideas which can help you discover different culinary delights. You can join cooking classes to learn first-hand how to make delicious authentic dishes, or you can simply enjoy trying out all the local eateries.  The following are some great gastro holiday ideas you can take. The Craggan Mill Food Blog provide delicious recipes for Foodie.

gastro holiday ideas - india


India is rich in cultures and ethnicities and the Indian cuisines help to reflect the different diversities. Different cultures have different cooking styles and this makes India is a great idea for a gastro holiday. The different dishes are cooked with different types of spices and yet manage to maintain an awesome flavor. The Indian cuisine is also among the worlds’ most flavored foods, with the flavors ranging from sour to spicy, sweet, and savory. India’s vegetarian food has also managed to taste consistently amazing, with several regional varieties. This blog about food helps you choose the delicious food.


Italy should be on top of your bucket list as it is a culinary gem. The food there is quite simple but delicious, and it is also seasonal and regional making it hard to go wrong with such a choice as you get different options. Tuscany is famed for its vineyards and other local ingredients. You can get lovely rural accommodation in one of the farmhouses and enjoy as much wine as you like and savor bruschettas as well. Also, the coastal town of Sorrento is known for producing a refreshing lemon liqueur known as Limoncello. Sorrento is also a favorite for many because of the buffalo mozzarella. Any foodie would also want to visit Venice, which is home to more wine bars, or going to launceston wine tours to learn more about this.


China’s street food is one of the best ways to discover culinary delights with Shanghai as one of the famous regions known for the same. Browse through snack stalls on the streets and ensure to have a taste of the famous Sichuan hot pots. Beijing is also known for delicious local street foods such as soup and dim sum. Experience the Chinese culture in tea houses where you will find the best tea and other traditional foods and snacks. Hangzhou is a famed home for teahouses with the best being Taiji teahouse. Also, China is a perfect place to experience new different fusions that it has been creating over the past years. Be sure to visit Hong Kong for some delicious beef brisket or shrimp Wantons.


An amazing fact about Thai people is that when they meet they ask the other if they have eaten. This shows the country’s passion for its food. Thailand gets inspiration from different countries some of which include China, Indonesia and Malaysia and this makes the Thai cuisine one of a kind. The cuisine combines different herbs and spices that produce different complex flavors, with the most famous dishes being stir-fried cashew chicken, pad Thai, and green curry. Be sure to visit the northeastern part of the country for amazing cuisines. You can also never go wrong with Isaan dishes which include larb moo, ko moo yang, and som tom.

Whether exquisite or simple, the above listed gastro holiday ideas is a great way to discover culinary delights.

4 Gastro Holiday Ideas for Discovering Culinary Delights

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