A newly discovered Himachali trail, Buran Ghati trek is a relatively unknown but among the most stunning treks. Full of unprecedented splendors, you will love every bit of it. It’s a must do trek, but being moderately difficult in gradient, experienced and fully fit trekkers only should attempt it ideally. And since we had started off with the right accouterments for the weather there, especially with a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 17, we could care less about any foreboding harsh weather. Post Monsoon (September) is the best time as you will need to negotiate less snow and will see lush greenery. The day temperatures are 13-18 degrees, while the night chills at 0-7 degrees C.

Buran Ghati Trek

From Shimla you take 9-10 hours’ bus ride to Janglik Village (9,200ft.). The route encapsulates Himalayan beauty with forest, villages, fields, and Pabbar River. The Buran Ghati trek starts the next morning. The pace of this 7-8 days’ trek is easy to help you soak the stunning nature around.

Deep and dark Oak, Fir, & Pine forests, wide and lush green meadows, grassy hills, orchards, terrace farms, the whole stretch is intoxicating green. You see mind boggling variety of Himalayan herbs and flowers. Rivers, streams, lakes, and waterfalls interrupt incredibly. 

Buran Pass (15,000ft.) is the biggest highlight of this trek. It connects Pabbar Valley in Shimla to Sangla Valley in Kinnaur. A part of Shiwalik Himalayas, Buran Pass (15,000ft.) offers an immense view of snow laden mountains around. The other side of the slope is almost vertical and steep. Rope is the best tool to get down such erect structures. Transitioning from emotional to exciting, you rappel over 1,300ft. down to the valley. And then you have 5 slide downs through the snow. Total you cut through some 3,000ft. This ‘valley reaching activity combination’ mainly pulls the trekkers so avidly. The beauty, thrill, and fun of this hike is exceptional. You yell, laugh, and cry- you are in your element, truly.

You start trek from Janglik (9,000ft.). Climb inclines and walk through deep forest to step into clear, bright, and fresh green vast meadows of Dayara Thach (11,000ft.). This is your first campsite and one of the best ones among all the treks. Spend the rest of the day exploring the colors around. Check out starry sky and milky ways at night. Try watching the sunrise to see the glistening grass all over.

Buran Ghati Trek

Next morning, you cover more grasslands when walking towards the Gunas Pass. Cross over the gushing stream to see the majestic Dauladhar Range right in front! Traverse through the Silver Birch forest and another water stream to see the full view of your second & third campsite Litham (11,800ft). It’s a stunning land with snowcapped mountains all around. Reaching for it, cross meadows again and Chandranahan Stream. Next day is acclimatization.

You will see a set of Himalayan water forms around Litham. Let’s call them ‘The’ Chandranahans, which you explore for acclimatization. Cross Chandranahan stream to reach your second campsite Litham. From here you see Chandranahan waterfall. Head beyond waterfalls to reach Chandranahan Glacial Lake (13,900ft.). It is formed from the melted snow of the surrounding peaks. Spend some time here and come back to Litham.

As you proceed the next morning, get a first glimpse during the Buran Ghati trek is in the form on Pabbar River, originating from the snow on its slopes. It really looks like what you get to see in those grand canyon tours in the USA. Pass through Khubrini Thach and climb through rocks and boulders to reach the fourth campsite Dunda Thach. You camp at the foot of the Buran Pass. The black mountains peep through the layer of snow over them. It’s like dunes of snow all around. Any color, including that of your tents, is highlighted in this setting and is an amazing sight to see and feel too. The Chandranahan is now a powerful, fast flowing river.

Next morning you cross through moraines to reach the Pass. Spend much of your day there enjoying the view. Descending into Sangla Valley is fast as you mostly slide down to a water stream. Cross it to reach your fifth and last campsite Munirang (11,700ft.). Next morning you head for Sangla as trek termination.

Buran Ghati Trek

Buran Ghati Trek is not lacking in cultural significance, you should go find out more, it is fascinating. The hike starts from Janglik Village and what a scenic place it is. Whole stretch is spotted with villages, giving you a cultural insight into the local living. Multi-colored terrace farms, apples and peaches orchards, beautiful & rustic wooden houses and huts are heartwarming. Around Barua Village, you find vast fruit gardens of apple, apricot, peaches, and pears. In the last lap of this trek in India, from Munirang you reach Karcham or Barua (6,561ft.). Take a ride to the very beautiful Sangla town (8,900ft.) of Kinnaur District. You are back to colors & greenery, people, farms, and normal farm life.

Why Should You Take Buran Ghati Trek?

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