Are you confused about planning gap year? It can be hard deciding whether to jump straight into university or whether to give yourself some time off. Therefore, to help you to make that decision, below are some ideas about planning gap year.

Go to Australia

A visit to Australia definitely tops the list if you want to discover new places and explore rich culture. Along with offering amazing travelling adventures, Australia also has various gap year work programs and projects to take a part in. Considered to be one of the most popular destinations for a gap year, Australia is all about exploring lively cities and visiting the various natural wonders, whilst becoming an independent traveller in a safe environment.

Volunteer in Cambodia

Volunteering is all about acquiring new skills as you build new experiences; it is a hugely beneficial thing to do, not only for a community, but also for yourself. By helping to build a school, teaching children in a school or orphanage or participating in wildlife conservation projects, you can make a noteworthy contribution to the Cambodian community. Considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world, your voluntary work in Cambodia can not only boost your CV, but it also allows you to experience a different culture and its diversity.

Work in a School in South Africa

Working in schools in South Africa will not only give you practical teaching experience, but it will also enable you to gain experience and a greater appreciation for the structure of the schooling system where you are from. In many LEDC’s, there is a lack of awareness with regards to the importance of education. This leads to high levels of unemployment and neglect. Therefore, working a school here will not only look good on your CV, but it will also make a huge difference to people who need it the most.

Buy A Eurail Pass and Go Inter Railing around Europe

Buying a Eurail pass and travelling all over Europe through its popular inter-railing routes can be a solid gap year idea. When deciding whether to buy a pass, take into consideration that inter-railing is something that can be done to match an array of differing budgets. It is the perfect thing to do solo, as a couple or with a group as you are guaranteed to meet lots of people along the way. The pass takes you across almost thirty European countries and is one of the most flexible ways to travel.

Explore Thailand

Exploring this South Asian country on your gap year can be extremely exciting and different from anything you have experienced before. From marvelling at the architectural wonders of Bangkok, to exploring the vibrant culture and tropical landscapes in the Thai countryside, Thailand offers you a breath-taking experience and you are sure to leave with a multitude of stories to tell your friends and family.

Remember, a gap year can be the perfect time to enhance your skills, add new experiences to your CV, travel the world or simply learn new things. So, take control of your life and spend your gap year as productively and wisely as possible!

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Inspiration to Help Plan Your Gap Year

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