Going travelling, especially without your family for the first time, can be a daunting experience. And if your plan is to get off the beaten track and embark on an incredible travel experiences like no other, it’s a good idea to plan as much as possible in advance, if you are still looking for the place to visit find more details here about an exotic location.

If you plan on traveling alone or traveling solo during a gap year, you want to make sure that your experience is like no other. After all, you only get limited days of a paid vacation each year and you want to ensure each day is packed with adventure and lives up to your expectations. If you are looking for some inspiration, here at the Hotel Albana Real are a few incredible travel experiences worth exploring.

Reasons to visit Costa Rica in the rainy season: Summer is upon us and in Costa Rica so is the rainy season. While some travelers might avoid a few rainy afternoons in this Central American paradise, there are still many reasons to put Costa Rica and a Manuel Antonio hotel as destinations to visit this summer. You can enjoy of the 17th annual Costa Rica Southern Sky Party, the best eclipse tour Costa Rica, comfortably based at the private Star Lodge and National Wildlife Refuge on the Gulf of Nicoya.

1. The Rain is not as bad as advertised

Normally, it rains between 3 PM and 5 PM, if it rains at all. That would leave almost the whole day open for some fun at the beach or one of the many natural wonders of Costa Rica. Also, if you are unable to avoid the rain, it is pure magic witnessing a powerful rainfall in the jungle, but don’t forget to bring your https://snapshades.com.au/ sun shades if you’re thinking on going to a very sunny place.

2. There are fewer crowds to deal with.  

While in Costa Rica during the rainy season, it is easy to relax and forget about overcrowded restaurants, overloaded beaches, and endless waiting. During the summer, most places have a nice level of occupancy, and even some beach areas are even on the verge of deserted. So, if you are searching for a peaceful vacation, this is the place.

incredible travel experiences
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Traveling to Japan

If you’re looking to rid your body of impurities and address a myriad of health problem then Japan is a good place to start as you can get buried from neck to toe in the Ibusuki’s and baths in Kyushu. The volcanic geothermal heat has created thousands of hot springs that attract a huge horde of tourists each year.

After changing into a thin gown, and lying down on a freshly-dug pit, burial attendants will then proceed to shovel scorched hot sand over you until you’re covered up to the neck. This ritual is truly not for the faint-hearted but is certainly an experience! If this isn’t for you but you still fancy planning a holiday to Japan, there are websites online that can help you plan a luxury trip to Japan.

Traveling to China

Traveling on a train without wheels may sound unbelievable to many people but the Shanghai Maglev train doesn’t touch the railway line. The Hong Kong Express seems to be using magnetic levitation technology which makes travel quieter than normal trains.

Inside the train is modern, comfortable and clean much like the inside of an airplane. There is ample sitting space and trained attendants are present. Passengers enjoy air-conditioning and each compartment has an inbuilt LCD screen that indicates the running speed. When speeds of 430 kmph and higher appear on the screen, passengers pay attention and some even take a picture.

Traveling to Chile

For anyone on the hunt for a sense of adventure on their travels, Chile is the place. Whilst there is a lot on offer and planning a trip there may at first appear a little overwhelming, there are a number of expert travel companies on hand who can help you plan a tailor made trip to suit your every need.

Traveling to Fiji

Watching the Sawau tribesmen in Beqa Island walking barefoot over fiery coals, and all the while chanting some local tongue is a site to behold. This gratitude and purification ritual, borrowed from Southern India, allows fire walkers to stride upon burning coals as their faces are smeared with red and yellow paint, and body parts pierced with spikes. The fiery coals themselves are picked from a red-hot earth oven, to ensure there is no faking. Whilst in Fiji, there are a number of stunning beaches to explore and idyllic snorkeling and diving spots, plus you can go on a floatplane tour.

If you have done any incredible travel experiences worth mentioning let us know in the comments section below.

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