Southern Africa offers a rich and diverse culture, wildlife, scenery, and adventure; it has something for everyone and makes for the perfect holiday location for families, couples, friends or solo travelers. If you are an avid photographer, you won’t run out of inspiration for idyllic shots. Here are some of the best safaris to visit in Southern Africa. South African holidays promise breathtaking sunrises and sunsets

safaris in southern africa
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Kenya is a beautiful country with the best beaches and the most interesting safaris. It houses one of the largest safaris in Southern Africa, the Masai Mara. Masai Mara is part of Kenya’s conservation area and is within the Masai Mara – Serengeti ecosystem. It plays an important role in Africa’s Great Migration, an important occurrence for wildebeest and zebras. It is also a hotspot venue for events like hot air balloon flights, extreme sports, cultural events, and guided nature tours which your tour guide will gladly bring you around. However, if you want to experience safari with less of a crowd, you may also consider going to Central Highlands or the Laikipia Plateau in Northern Nairobi. Depending on your budget, there are cheaper trips available, or, more expensive safari holidays to choose from. If you want to buy a scope then visit site and get amazing scope reviews here.


Even if Namibia is known to be mostly composed of the desert, it also offers interesting nature reserves, astonishing scenery, and welcoming people. One of Africa’s largest conservations, Etosha National Park in Namibia, is a must-visit for those who want to gain a once-in-lifetime experience with elephants, zebras, cheetahs, lions, and the rare black rhino. The best time to visit is during the dry season (around May to October) where most of the wildlife animals are out in the waterholes. To complete your Southern African wetlands experience, you may also try visiting Caprivi Strip where you can see buffalos and antelopes bathing in the river. It is also Namibia’s perfect place for bird watching. If you’re a bird watching enthusiast, is the best site to get bird watching gear.


Uganda may be a small Southern African country, but it is certainly not a place to miss out. You may want to book a trip to the Chimpanzee Trekking safari to get up close and personal with the chimps. If you are in for a more thrilling visit, then choose Lake Mburo National Park, where you can get to see more than 300 bird species and about 70 mammal species such as leopards, hyenas, buffalos, impala, and many more.


Tanzania is where the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro is located. Moreover, it houses Southern Africa’s best game reserves, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. Connected with Kenya reserves. These 2 reserves are also important grounds for the Great Migration. To see the flamingos, you may want to check the famous Lake Manyara National Park.


Botswana is known for being an idyllic location for the perfect safari holiday. Some are composed of wetlands while others are made of grasslands. Okavango Delta is the most popular safari in the country. It is considered as one of the world’s best natural destinations because it offers a wide range of wildlife experience, which includes guided nature walks, boat and canoe rides, and famous labyrinth channels. Another popular destination is the Chobe National Park where you may experience the heart-racing fights of lions and hyenas. But if you are into unique and exclusive tours, you may also want to check the reserves of Kalahari, Linyanti, Kwando or Tuli Block.

With all these interesting safaris in Southern Africa, this should definitely be in your holiday bucket list. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and get ready to experience the wild in Southern Africa.

Where To Go On Safaris In Southern Africa

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