One can visit this Lagoon’s Country ideally post monsoons between September to May and can avail cheap flights to Cochin on Nanak Flights as well during this period. Here are the lists of things to do in Cochin during your travel escapade.

Located in the south of India, Cochin is an ideal location for a globetrotter who loves beaches with a little colonial feel to it. Popularly known as ‘Queen of The Arabian Sea’, Cochin is a part of central Kerala’s coast. It is regarded as the industrial and commercial capital of Kerala with abundant cultural and heritage sites cultural and heritage sites worth enjoying with beautiful landscapes and the best accommodation in Byron Bay.

Go to see the only Chinese fishing nets in India

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Among the other things to do in Cochin, one thing the tourists shouldn’t miss is going to see the Chinese fishing net by Fort Kochi. These Chinese fishing nets are unique to Cochin. It is believed that traders from the kingdom of Chinese ruler Kublai Khan introduced these nets in Cochin.

Outside China, Cochin is the only place where these nets are to be found. Known as ‘Cheenavala’ in Malayalam many fishermen earn their livelihood through these massive nets. The net is spread across the whole stretch of the coast of Cochin fort and areas of Vypeen are dotted with these nets.

Visit the Fort Cochin Beach and Cherai Beach

With the sailing ships and the Chinese fishing net in the backdrop, the Fort Cochin beach is a perfect place to spend the sunset time. You can see a lot of locals fishing the tide. Even you can fish over here if you bring your traveling fishing rod.

Situated just off the mainland to the north end of Vypeen Island, Cherai beach is filled with beautiful coconut groves and paddy fields. The beach is quite perfect if someone wishes to go for a small swim. One can reach Vypeen by land or by boat, grabbing necessary wholesale marine supply.

Be guest to the cultural jewels of Kochi

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Visiting the St Francis Church, Vasco House, and Santa Cruz Basilica has to be on your list of things to do in Cochin. Vasco house is located on Rose Street and is one of the oldest Portuguese houses in India, The house attributes European style window panes and verandas; It is believed that Portuguese trader Vasco da Gama has lived in this house once upon a time.

One of the oldest churches in India, St. Francis church, was built by Vasco da Gama on his third visit to Kerala. The Portuguese trader later fell sick and died in Cochin and was buried in St. Francis Church. His remains were later taken back to Portugal. Despite that, his burial spot has been specifically marked out by the church. Originally a church, Santa Cruz Basilica was built by the Portuguese in 1505. It was later raised as a cathedral in 1984 by Pope John Paul II. Post visiting these places you could also visit the Jew town and Mattancherry Palace in Mattancherry.

Take a boat ride to Bolghatty Islands

Just at distance of a short boat ride from the mainland is Bolghatty Islands. The island is a home to a Dutch palace, which is now converted into a hotel and is run by Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. The island has a small golf course and extensive views of the harbor and port, perfect for those who are constantly looking for the Best uk golf breaks from Golf Holidays Direct. One of the coolest new inventions for the golf course is remote controlled golf carts. These products will heft your golf bag and follow you as you play your rounds on the links. MGI GOLF offers powerful Click & Go Lithium battery system, MGI batteries are light, compact and easy to recharge.

Take a boat ride and see the Kathakali performance

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In your list of things to do in Cochin should be taking the unforgettable backwater rides and watching the Kathakali performance organized by See India Foundation, The Cochin Cultural Centres, and Art Kerala. Kathakali is the traditional dance form of Kerala that leaves audiences spellbound with the hand movements and facial expressions.

Go to Kerala’s Marine Drive

With a tree-lined coastal pathway, the Marine Drive of Kerala is a perfect place to spend the late afternoons. The serene backwaters, dotted with fishing boats, speed boats, and passenger boats are among the few things that can be seen from the walkway that lines the coast.

In conclusion, it would be safe to say that Cochin can give you one of the best travel experiences with its clean beaches, bustling backwaters, and abundant historical monuments. The wanderer in you can experience the serenity, calmness, and richness of God’s own country.

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Top Things To Do In Cochin For The Traveling Indian

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