When you have active kids, holiday destinations need to be chosen with a view to be able to engage them in fun activities most of the time. Places that provide different kinds of activities for children of all ages are the most sought after. These summer holiday destinations for active kids are interesting and engaging at the same time.

French Alps

french alps Summer Holiday - Destinations for Active Kids

This is one of the most exciting summer holiday destinations for active kids. In the lap of the fabulous French Alps there are so many activities for kids to get involved with. There are skiing and snowboarding camps in summer. Some places even provide heated swimming pools for kids keen on this activity, and other water sports too, this means that you will also be able to take your Sustainable Luxury Swimwear and enjoy. Treks to ice caves and nature walks are some great choices for your little ones. Slightly older children can opt for guided cycling tours- an ideal way to keep kids engaged through the summer.


Sardinia - Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

Sardinia seems to love children and there is a plethora of entertainment for them. There are cave expeditions, horse riding on the beaches, kids’ club cookery workshops galore. Dolphin-spotting trips are a great way to entertain children. The water sports on offer are suitable for kids across age groups. Nature parks compete with fascinating train rides for the attention of kids. Coastal hiking, diving and snorkeling are a few of the many options to choose from along the coast line. And anyone wise enough to go snorkeling would certainly don a snorkeling vest before venturing the depths. With discounts and special offers for children on transport and admissions, it makes for a wonderful holiday experience.


cyprus - Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

Cyprus offers great options for kids on a summer holiday. Be sure to book a villa in Cyprus with a pool that kids can play in. There are horseback safari tours for riding enthusiasts. A visit to the dinosaur park will thrill children with the enormous fossils on display. Water sports and rides galore are on offer to beat the summer heat.

Children can try out their golfing skills on the many mini golf courses that are scattered around various resorts. Moreover, the Sparti Platres Rope Park offers thrilling adventures with games, thrills, and zip lines. They can also head to the Aphrodite Water Park which has a large variety of adventure sports for children of all ages, and you can read more about them here.


florida - Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

The main attraction for kids in Florida has to be the World of Disney. Epcot Seas Aqua Tour and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are thrilling theme parks for them. Kids can even ride the best hoverboards and try out hoverbikes, which are bound to make them have a lot of fun. Combined with the sea, sun and sand, there cannot be a better holiday destination for summer. If you’re looking for a great place to stay in Florida, check out the beautiful Casa Del Mar.


phuket - Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

Every kind of water sport and activity that one can think of is on offer at Phuket for kids heading there for summer. Parasailing, zip line, boat cruise, with licenced drivers from aceboater services online . There is the A-Maze Garden for them to find their way through mazes of trees. You can find more information about places to stay in Thailand here. Thailand is also a brilliant place to visit if you and your family love food.


Majorca - Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

Nature treks, water parks, thrilling rides along the coastline, and sea kayak rides are awaiting kids on holiday at Majorca. In addition there are mountain biking expeditions for active teens. Cave exploration tours in kayaks offer thrills like none other. These promise to take children to hitherto unexplored territories.

Do you anymore suggestions for summer holiday destinations for active kids. Let me know in the comments section below.

6 Great Summer Holiday Destinations for Active Kids

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